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Nexus 5 Display Problems

A few days ago I received my new Nexus 5 smartphone. At first look, the display looked ok, not the quality of Samsung or even the higher priced LG Android phones but ok for the price.

But then, while sliding my finger over the touchscreen I noticed something uneven. It looked like a small black dot, similar to a dead pixel but I asked myself why I could feel this spot with my finger? First I thought that it was some particle attached to the screen and tried to carefully scratch it off with my finger nail. But it did not go away. It was definitely NOT a dead pixel. Looking more carefully at the screen I also noticed other similar small black dots, the size of a few pixels.

So I finally decided to look what these were under a microscope. And it turned out these were black metal or paint spots melted into the screen! I did not expect that. I mean I expect some drawbacks because of the lower price but I don't expect such quality problems. Google and LG cannot advertise the phone with …