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How I unbricked my Samsung Galaxy S I9000 and installed a new firmware with Odin

The Samsung Galaxy S I9000 is one of the best smartphones and a real iPhone killer. Unfortunately the firmware update is done through a Samsung program called Kies wich is really bad.

How Kies bricked my Galaxy S during firmware update

I would like to report how I recovered from a really bad flash (actually a brick) caused during firmware update using Samsung Kies on the Galaxy S I9000. First of all, I was not prepared that official Samsung firmware flashing could cause me such problems and could brick a smartphone at the end of 2010! But this is what happened to me! Really bad what Samsung gives to its customers. BTW, I would describe myself as a computer pro, programmer and hardware developer, so I am not a complete newbie regarding firmware updates ;)

I had bought my Galaxy S I9000 in Germany and its official firmware stated:
pda: i9000xxjm1, phone: i9000xxjm1, csc: i9000xajm1, pccode: gt-i9000hkddbt

I had installed multiple progs on the phone but had NOT modded it in any way. When …