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Facebook not usable on Android in August 2012!

The whole UI concept is nuts. Share is probably the most used function. Now lets see what happens on an Android tablet if you want to share a photo one of your friends has shared.

1. Facebook App: NO "share" button at all. So you must click on a photo to open it in full size first, then select "share" from the Android options menu but this stupid app starts sharing this as your own photo - it even asks where the photo was taken!

2. In the Browser:
Firefox for Android: Facebook site as intelligent as it is, opens some crippled mobile version of the site that looks like Netscape 1.0 and again NO "share" link - here there is NO way to share something.
Opera for Android: Here for some unknown reason I finally see the normal facebook website including a "share" link. Unfortunately the facebook site uses some stupid scripts that will screw up the Opera browser at some point.

Bottom line: There is no user friendly / working way to use fac…