Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Do you like YouTube? I think it needs improvement!

Everybody uses YouTube. It is one of the most popular sites. But is it really good? I am not a real YouTube expert but I think there is a lot of room for improvement:
  • Videos sometimes freeze while loading or simply load too slowly.
  • When I want to play multiple videos and switch to full screen YouTube turns off full-screen for the next video in the queue.
  • Whenever I use YouTube I feel lost on the site. I don't know where to click next.
  • I think that the search engine is not the best and the search results are not always the most relevant.
  • When (or if) I have finally found an interesting video it often turns out that it is a part of a series of videos that go together. I have real problems to figure out how to play the whole series in the correct order or even to find the other videos (some people post a lot of videos). I don't know if this is my problem, a problem of the users that have added the videos or rather a problem of the YouTube site but I hate the site interface.
  • The posting date of a video is important for me to know if the information is up-to-date or not. YouTube makes it very small and displays it in gray so that one cannot find it easily.
  • There seems to be no way to see the comments you have posted to videos. So you don't know which videos you have commented on. Very poor.
  • And it looks like everybody can take any name as his channel name on a first come basis. And he keeps it forever. This means that if there is some idiot who takes let's say your company name and posts stupid stuff you have no chance to do anything against it. And to make things even more annoying the YouTube channel with your company name and the stupid stuff will appear on top of the Google search results...
Well if it is my mistake that I am not able to use the YouTube site I apologize for my statements. But searching on Google lets me believe that there are a lot of other angry users that would be very happy about some changes, e.g. here.

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